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Scope of activities

In-situ testing

Standard penetration test (SPT):

To define strata boundaries, cohesive soil state, and cohesionless soil density.

Cone penetration test with porewater pressure management (CPTu):

Its equipment of Geomil – Netherlands can classify soils, define soil load capacity, point resistant (qc), Sleeve friction (fs), pore Pressure (u). Thereby calculating indirect parameters undrained shear strength (Su), dissipation of pore water pressure and horizontal coefficient of consolidation (Ch).


Equipment is operated by using a hydraulic jack to penetrate pressure sensor system (cone shaped) into ground, connect a datalogger to a computer to record data along penetrated depth automatically. This equipment is self-propelled system with tracked vehicle, can perform in many various terrain conditions, and it also can combine with Jackup Rig to perform offshore, marine and river survey with penetration depth up to 50m.

Field Vane Shear test (VST):

To determine undrained shear strength (Su). Equipment includes hydraulic jack to force the shear vane directly to penetrate throughout the ground and carry out the cutting

without creating borehole prior. This equipment is manufactured by Geonor - Norway, Model H10, with highest precision, overcome deviation of soil destroyed by hole drilling. This model can perform in depth up to 40m. Its combination with Jackup Rig can perform penetration test offshore, marine and river, while other kind of equipment's can hardly do.

Pressuremeter Test (PMT):

Define the parameters of the stress - elasticity, elasticity module (EP) and pressure limit (PL) for foundation design. This equipment is manufactured by APAGEO (France). This test is implemented in boreholes, with experimental procedure in accordance with ASTM D4719-00. We used to implement projects with the depth up to 120m, which no other equipment can do.

Permeability Field Testing:

To determine hydrogeological parameters such as flow rate, permeability coefficient, water coefficient, lugeon coefficient,… of underground water by using methods of water compress test in borehole, water pouring test in borehole, water absorption test in borehole and pumping in hydrogeological wells.

In addition, norms such as plate load test (PLT), geophysical tests such as Electric Imaging, Downhole Seismic,... could be carried out to serve the soil investigation work,  which we are very qualified and experienced to perform.

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